Are you a lover of sayings and idioms? This box set is for you: the entire collection of the 4 books with 55 Venetian sayings and idioms to a sensational price!

Folk tradition to the nth degree, accompanied by etymological and historical researchin a innovative format, fresh e fun. All to collect!

Each book is accompanied by the explanation of the saying/phrase, from his etymological and/or historical explanation (as far as possible), by illustrations contextual, from thematic links between one book and another as well as towards the contents of Venipedia, from geographical coordinates of places related to sayings and idioms.

Extended content compared to the site and said to be exclusive to books only!

Here are all the sayings contained in the box set:

  1. El va! El va! El va!
  2. But go nuàr con ła toła!
  3. A high and a low makes a guałivo
  4. Andar a Patras co tuto
  5. Going in spadina
  6. Savér that now that xe
  7. 'Go on with Christ that ła processiòn s'ingruma!
  8. Go to hell!
  9. Ésser perso par el całìgo
  10. Ciapàr cassi per ràvani
  11. Nóvo / Nèto de bałin
  12. Savér da freschìn
  13. Portàr pegoła
  14. Èsser / Fàr el móna
  15. Èsser / Fàr ła píttima
  16. De sèsto.
  17. Stay without a drink
  18. Being a shitter
  19. Ti xe bruta come ła peste
  20. Tiràr i spaghi
  21. This!
  22. At his home he has a blackberry
  23. Fiłar całigo
  24. With the shit mounts in the spigot, it's either a spit or a dane
  25. Pasàr dal trasto in bilge
  26. No ti xe bon gnca gnca de triaca
  27. What a buriàna! - (only with the book)
  28. Avèr el samòro (black)
  29. El gà ciapà el dó de cópe!
  30. Go to reméngo
  31. El xe un muro de meza piera
  32. Èsser un tagiatabàri
  33. Xe tutto un caìn de fólpi
  34. A sórze in pie el ghe ròsega el dadrìo
  35. Mòighe un ponto
  36. He who reads well, finds well
  37. What a sófego!
  38. Tagiar łar ła testa al toro
  39. Co' i mati va de voga, che tutti se ła toga
  40. Métter / Èsser in quarantine
  41. Riding from the rider! - (only with the book)
  42. Hard counters!
  43. I ło gá put in cheba
  44. Èsser un rovere bołà
  45. Cavàrse ła pavàna
  46. Èsser una vecia in fresca
  47. In the days of Marco Caco
  48. In the absence of gàmbari, even sate xe bóne.
  49. De zioba grasso tute łe boche łica.
  50. Andémo béver un ombra
  51. Three birds make a dish
  52. Qua no se imbarca cuchi!
  53. Notàr sul giàsso
  54. Séco incandìo
  55. After he died, he copied himself - (only with the book)

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