Traveling is wonderful, if you travel in knowledge it is doubly so. Venipedia Supporter is a good way to help us make this journey together ever more participatory, comfortable, welcoming, useful, rich and stimulating. And even sustainable. Day by day.

Venipedia is a continuous journey into knowledge, discovery, exploration, beauty, inspiration and how it can improve the future of all of us. It is certainly a much better trip if done in company, and from today you can contribute more actively.

Support the quality of Venipedia, with only € 29 per year

With Venipedia Supporter you will receive the newsletter Five from the encyclopedia and access to the area Your voice: the direct line with the Venipedian Masters, to let us know if we are always on the right course so that this journey together is always the most beautiful in the world.

Not only that, part of your contribution will also be used in Venipedia Virtuosa to contribute to reforestation projects around the world.


Venipedia Supporter is an annual subscription that gives you access to additional services. In addition, it helps Venipedia to maintain its editorial independence, continuing to offer anyone the freedom to access content. The renewal of the annual subscription for € 29 is automatic. You can still pause it or cancel the renewal, at any time, from your personal area. For any need, do not hesitate to write to us. We will be happy to help you.

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