An overview of the most famous square in the world.

What makes St Mark's Square the most famous square in the world? Its history? Its concentration of beauty? Its unique position on the planet Earth? Join me on a journey through time and discover the jewels like the palaces, the monuments and the buildings that surround the square, the important people such as the Doges or the Procurators, the Sestiere of St Mark, the Royal Gardens and the church that you can't see today.

Last but not least, you'll get to know the history of the Carnival of Venice and two Venetian historical sayings. With pictures and masterpieces of art inside.

List of contents

  1. The Sestiere of Saint Mark
  2. Saint Mark's Square
  3. The Doges
  4. Procurators of St. Mark's
  5. The first doge: Paoluccio Anafesto
  6. The last doge: Lodovico Manin
  7. The Royal Gardens
  8. The Columns of Saint Mark's Square
  9. The Doge's Palace
  10. The Bridge of Sighs
  11. St Mark's Basilica
  12. The funerary monument of Daniele Manin
  13. The Clock Tower
  14. St Mark's Bell Tower
  15. The Marciana National Library
  16. Mint Palace
  17. The Procuratie Vecchie
  18. The Napoleonic Wing or the Procuratie Nuovissime
  19. The former church of San Geminiano and Correr Museum
  20. Carnival of Venice
  21. Cut the bulls head off
  22. De zioba grasso tute le boche lica

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