An adventure in the Northern Lagoon of Venice: the protagonists of the 'archaeological' comic series Jack and Matrix discover the island of Lazzaretto Nuovo.

Young archaeologist Jack, his little brother Sam and big dog Matrix explore the island that invented 'quarantine' half a millennium ago, discovering the importance of history and a volunteer project that everyone can participate in at a unique place.

The mysterious plague doctor and the origin of the word 'lazaret', the magical recovery of an abandoned island that has become an ecomuseum, the discovery of naval graffiti and excavation finds... and you never stop learning, with the summer camps for kids!

20 plates dedicated to the discovery of a unique island, land of innovation, prevention.

The purchase of this comic book contributes to the non-profit project 'For the Rebirth of an Island'.

The proceeds will be donated to the associations Archeoclub di Venezia and Ekos Club that take care of the island of Lazzaretto Nuovo (

This initiative is part of the Virtuous Venipediato return value to the land.

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