From the origins to MOSE. A pocket-sized journey through time, from pre-Venice Venice to the present day. Accompanied by images, works of art and curious glances at the world's most unique and beloved city. 

Why a Pocket History of Venice? Pocket-size because it is quick, pocket-size because it is essential, pocket-size because it is convenient to consult.

Recognised universally as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice never ceases to amaze even as it traces its many years of life: a history more than a thousand years old on its shoulders, but carried well. In the events recounted in this work, the adventures and travails of Venice unfold like a film: the dark beginnings, the internal organisation, the struggles with pirates, the vicissitudes in Greece and the Orient, the sea storms, the tourist invasion, the sea defences. All these events have shaped the very special physiognomy of the city: a small city, but one that has always been a bastion of intellectual and religious freedom, rich in artists, poets, craftsmen and enlightened minds that have shaped its beauty.

The author: Maurizio Vittoria

Venetian, passionate about history and local customs, formerly an official of a national library, he was the director of a Venetian publishing house. He collaborates with various associations involved in the dissemination and preservation of the history, art and culture of Venice and the Veneto region.

He has published: A Brief History of Venice (Rome, Newton & Compton, 1997), An unusual guide to mysteries, secrets, legends and curiosities of Veneto (Rome, Newton & Compton, 2011), The boats of the lagoon (Venice, Supernova, 2014), Venetian sayings and idioms. Agenda-book (Venice, Venipedia, 2018).
He is co-author in An unusual guide to mysteries, secrets, legends and curiosities of Venice (Rome, Newton & Compton, 2001-2015) and Venise. Histoire, promenades, anthologie & dictionnaire, (Paris, Robert Laffont, 2016)
He has collaborated on several works dedicated to Venice, including: The gondolier and his gondola (Venice, EVI, 1979) The Horses of Venice (Venice, EVI, 1972), The Church of San Giovanni in Bragora (Venice, EVI, 1981),.
He edited the ebook edition of: Eugenio Vittoria, Venetian sayings, which is how they are still said in Venice,Venice, 2012; Giacinto Gallina, El moroso de la nona, Venice, 2013; Luigi Girardi, Contemporary Original Novel,Venice, 2013.
He edited the re-editions of: Marcantonio Sabellico, About the site of Vinegia. The oldest guide to Venice, (Venice, Venipedia, 2016); Alexandre Martin, Coffee Amateur's Handbook, (Venice, Venipedia, 2020).

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